Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival

Begun in 1980 by Dorothy Sutton, the Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival is an opportunity for the talented music student to participate in a State Festival either in adjudication or in Showcase Recital. To assure high standards, the student must first qualify in Local Preliminary Auditions, and must also demonstrate a minimal knowledge of music theory by passing a written theory exam.

General Guidelines: Students will perform two contrasting selections for one judge, and will taken a written theory test. To be eligible to perform in the LOCAL Showcase Recital, students must receive a Superior performance rating. 
(This is different from the State event. Refer to the STATE DSPF website for state requirements.)  Pianists and vocalists must perform by memory. Memory not required for instrumentalists and organists.

Teacher Eligibility: RMTA teachers must have paid their local/state/national dues for the current year prior to submitting applications (i.e. paid BEFORE August 31).

Student Eligibility: Participating students must study with an RMTA member in good standing prior to audition date, and must reside in Pennsylvania. Adult students may participate in the local auditions.

Recital Qualification:  An overall Superior rating is given if BOTH selections are deemed performance ready by the judge the day of the event.

LOCAL SOLO PIANO REPERTOIRE REQUIREMENTS: In an effort to encourage participation of our youngest students, there is no minimum length for repertoire for the local auditions. (This is different from the State event. Refer to the STATE DSPF website for state requirements.)  Repeats are allowed and encouraged with appropriate changes in dynamics, register, etc. However, simplifications and arrangements are NOT acceptable at the intermediate and advanced levels for solo performance.



     Adjudications: Saturday, October 12, 2019
     Showcase Recital: Sunday, October 13, 2019  
               Start time is 3:00 pm if one recital.  Start times are 2:00 and 3:30 pm if two recitals. 
               Check with your teacher Saturday evening!

NEW LOCATION!!: Albright College Center for the Arts, 1621 N. 13th St, Reading 19604
     Directions - CLICK HERE

Local DSPF Chair:  Theresa Cocci
      4723 Alisan Rd, Reading PA 19606 | | 

Please inform Terry by September 1st of your intent to participate and an estimated number of students.

ONLINE REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Noon, Friday, September 27, 2019. You must still deliver/mail/email your Student Comment Sheets and your studio check to the chair by deadline. Refer to Teacher Info Sheet for complete instructions. 

Registration Fee:

        $20 for first solo performance 
        $15 for each additional instrument or sibling performance
        $20 per ensemble performance (Total fee.  Ensemble is 2 or more students.)
        $25 additional for a non-member student participating in an ensemble 

SCHEDULING NOTE TO NON-PIANO TEACHERS:  The string and vocal adjudication do not run all day…so these students won’t get an AM or PM ‘choice.’  Voice will be scheduled to begin around 9:00 am, and strings at 11:00 AM.  Exact times won’t be known until registrations are all submitted. 


FORMS - click to download

    Student Information and Permission Slip - Keep your permission slips.

    Teacher Information - Everything you need to know!

    Student Comment Sheet - Complete one for each student and mail to chair w/your studio check.

    Student Notice of Report Time/Reminders- Attach to participating students music

    Theory test content

    Photo Copy Release - Complete and attach to any photocopied scores your student is using.

    Studio Summary Worksheet - Use this to organize your data.  Do NOT send to chair.

    Site Requirements





2019 STATE DSPF - Saturday, November 23, 2019
Penn State University, State College PA
Registration Window: October 1 to 3:00 pm October 25, 2019
Members register their own students using the online registration system via the PMTA website.  Fees paid by credit card or Paypal.  For information on the State DSPF, go to the 
PMTA website.  

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