As an affiliate of Music Teachers National Association and Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association, prospective members must join all three organizations. For an application, go to the MTNA website at, or contact any RMTA Board member.

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Each individual who accepts membership in RMTA/MTNA/PMTA agrees to abide by the Code of Ethics and Bylaws of the organizations.

The following membership classes are open to those who meet the respective qualifications and pay the annual dues provided for the respective classification pursuant to Section 3 hereof.
a. Active members shall be open to all professional musicians actively engaged in any field of music. Those persons holding Active Membership shall be entitled to participate in all activities and programs of the Association upon payment of the registration fee, if any, vote, hold office, and receive the official Association publications.
b. Honorary life membership may be conferred upon individuals who have given distinguished service to RMTA or to the art of music. Honorary Life members qualifying for Active Membership shall have the rights and privileges of such membership, but shall be exempt from paying RMTA dues.

Section 2. ANNUAL DUES
Annual dues for all categories of membership shall be determined by the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall annually review and establish the dues amount for the next fiscal year at its fall business meeting and shall publish the dues information in the next issue of the official publication.

RMTA membership year will concur with the fiscal year as established by MTNA of July 1 to June 30.

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