Recital Guidelines

  • Eligibility: Participating students must be studying with an Active RMTA member for no less than six months prior to recital date.
  • Regsitration deadlines: Community Student Recital registration deadlines are the Tuesday prior to the recital date. Other recital registration deadlines are identified on the event webpage.
  • Registration process: Registrations must be in writing and include: student name, age, instrument or voice, title, composer, accompanist, length of performance, is a music stand required, piano lid up or down. No phone registrations will be accepted.
  • Repertoire: Refer to the event page for repertoire guidelines. The same piece by the same student may not be played on more than one RMTA program. Should two students be prepared to play the same selection, the teacher who has registered first may use the piece.
  • Length of Recitals: Recitals are approximately one hour. If a program of at least 35 minutes cannot be guaranteed, the event will be canceled and teachers will be notified within 48 hours of the registration deadline. Teachers may submit three students per recital. If you have more students ready, call the Chair to check on time availability.
  • Memorization: Memorization is encouraged but not required for the Community Recitals. Memorization IS REQUIRED for DSPF and Spring Festival Recitals for solo pianists and vocalists. Instrumentalists, organists and ensembles may use music. Refer to event webpage for guidelines.
  • Accompanists/Page Turners: It is assumed all instrumentalists and vocalists will supply their own accompanist and page turner.

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