For Students: Practice & Performance Tips

So your teacher has asked you to participate in a performance festival, or audition, or competition.  Not just one piece, but TWO! -- AND you have to play in front of people -- by MEMORY!!  OH NO!!  NOW WHAT?!  


After the initial panic has passed, start planning now…even if the event is months or even a year away.  Since different events have different repertoire requirements, your teacher will help you select the appropriate literature. The program may be completely new pieces or may include reviving an old favorite.  Regardless, you must LOVE the pieces you will be playing as you'll be living with them for a long time. 

From here on out, most of the work will be 'in your hands' (pun intended!) since you're the one who will ultimately be performing the pieces. So it's important to practice regularly, consistently and thoroughly.  

So….How do we practice? On the following pages you'll find some "practice tips" to keep in mind as your begin your journey.  If you're playing by memory, keep in mind -- the memory process begins as soon as you start learning the piece. So be careful and don't learn mistakes as they'll be with you to the bitter end!


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