An Esnsemble is two or more students.  Information you'll need is still everything you used to write on the Studio Summary Sheet.  If youd still like to use that old form for your own organization it can be downloaded HERE

  • Student name, performance time, theory test level, comments/requests, fee paid.
  • For theory test level enter instrument-test level.  ( e.g. Piano Level =Pn-1; Voice Primer=Vc-P; Violin Level 3=Vl-3)
  • If you won't be present the day of adjudication, have the name(s) and email(s) of the person(s) replacing you.
  • Use upper and lowercase letters for names (i.e. Susan Jones)
  • You'll still need to deliver/mail/email your Student Comment Sheets and check to the chair by deadline.
  • CLICK HERE to download these instructions.  Also refer to DSPF Teacher Info sheet for other details.
  • CLICK HERE to return to the DSPF main page.

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