Beginning Students


Consider all the things in our 'musical toolbox' and how we use them.  As you play, ask yourself:

  • Am I playing the correct notes?     
  • Am I listening to what I play?  
  • Am I counting and observing any tempo changes?
  • Are my fingers in the right spot?
  • Do I hear my dynamics?  
  • Do I tell a story?
  • Can I play with a steady tempo and without stopping?
  • Record yourself and listen while watching the music. 
  • Am I having FUN?!

Do you plan on playing by memory?  Here are some tips to help you memorize your music:

  • Begin playing slowly, playing through any mistakes.
  • Are you listening?  Can you sing your melody?
  • Can you begin playing at different spots in the music?
  • Does your music tell a story?
  • Play for others -- family, friends, pets!  
  • Play your pieces by memory many times before the actual performance event.

If you have questions, ask your teacher for help!


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