Members in the News

 If you’re looking for a musical gift for a toddler in your family, consider “Henry the Hungry Hound”, authored by RMTA member Terry Cocci!  She also provides an Activity Kit and other downloadable items related to the story.  Available on Terry's website HERE.

Henry the Hungry Hound Couples Music with Artful Storytelling

What could possibly prevent a kind old woman from giving away the delicious pies she delights in making? How about a mischievous but lovable mutt named Henry who stealthily gobbles down her delicious treats?

Discover how this sweet old woman displays patience while also creating an opportunity to teach the hungry hound a cleverly crafted lesson. And could Henry be the only culprit in these kitchen capers? A final twist reveals the possibility of a silent partner and encourages children to use their imaginations and question Henry's guilt.


For all you jazz lovers out there… Mike Eben just released his first CD of original jazz compositions with his group From the Hip Nonet.  Available for purchase by emailing Mike at  For more details, visit his website at

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