Herbein Workshops

Summer workshops for the musician!
with Jacqueline Herbein

Friday, August tba, 2018 | Two sessions
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SESSION I:  9:30 am to 11:30 am | For all musicians
I Feel Your Pain – Wellness Alternatives for the Teaching Warrior

This interactive workshop shares the specifics of many basic, practical, and time-honored therapies that will empower teachers and allow them to face even their most trying student at the end of a seemingly endless day.  In addition, borrowing from the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method and stress-point learning, we’ll explore cross-training exercises that can increase physical perception as well as enhance the learning process and final performance.  

SESSION II:  1:30 pm to 3:30 pm | Specifically for pianists
The Art of Cheating: Pianistic Considerations for Small-handed Students (and Teachers!)

Moving beyond early teaching literature we quickly find ourselves in the musical world of MWBH (men with big hands) – they write and edit a lot of the music we teach and play.  Teachers need strategies to help small-handed students learn to break the “rules”, thereby technically “reinterpreting” the music without compromising the sound.  This workshop will cover the development of important motion principles to assist all students as well as offering practical suggestions from a wide-range of musical examples.   Teachers are encouraged to submit problem pieces/passages in advance for discussion during the workshop. 


CLINICIAN:  Jacqueline Herbein, NCTM, RYT


 CLINICIAN:  Jacqueline Herbein, NCTM, RYT

Pianist Jacqueline Herbein, honored with Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association Teacher of the Year award in 2005, is an active soloist, ensemble performer and teacher in the Pittsburgh area.  She considers the development of physical perception to be a cornerstone of her teaching and she recently added the ProformaVision technology (sEMG biofeedback) to her studio as a teaching enhancement.  A Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology from the Massage Therapy Institute of Western Pennsylvania provides a solid academic foundation while independent work in Alexander Technique and teacher certification in therapeutic yoga heighten the movement insights she brings to this new technology and her work in general.

Jacqueline Herbein regularly works with teachers and students of all ages and performance levels both in private lessons and master classes. She has become known for her creative approach in unraveling musicians’ pain and injury issues by working with biofeedback, imagery and alternative therapies in order to awaken connections within the body.  Her articles have been published in The American Music Teacher, The Canadian Music Teacher and Clavier Companion journals and she regularly presents sessions on technique, perception and wellness to organizations and university pedagogy classes around the country.


This workshop is sponsored by the Reading Music Teachers Association with grant assistance from the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association.  It is offered to local musicians as a community service at no cost.  We would, however, appreciate an RSVP from those attending one or both workshops so we know how many to expect.  You can register online here – readingmusicteachers.org, or by emailing us at info@readingmusicteachers.org.  

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CONTACT PERSON:  Millie Eben, RMTA President, 610-334-4635; info@readingmusicteachers.org 


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